The Campaign for Truth in Medicine

  • Public should be informed, how really our healthcare works, all about the danger of vaccination, all about groving of the consumption of animal products, toxic sugar, aspartam, sacharin but also why our doctors today are not well educated in nutrition. It also is our ignorance, which makes us to suffer more and we die prematurely, painfuly and unneccessary. The only way, how to get attention, respect and how we can stand up for our rights regarding to get all the right informations about our food, drugs, personal and household products, is to educate ourselves more about our health, which we also can do joining this campaign. 
  • Neverending lies and scams to us, consumers, are creating huge incomes for many producers and sellers but all this goes at the expenses of our health. 
  • If you want to help to change this situation, simply go to
    I tis free and you will be getting the latest news from the world of real health. It is very important to understand, that we have been trusting too much to our scientists, doctors, biochemics, polititians and leaders of big manufacturing companies, that they are taking the quarantee of our health and wellbeing. If that was the truth, we would not be  facing the biggest health crisis in history today. But everything negative always creates something positive and the only way to get out of this situation is to start to become responsible for our own health and for every action, that has anything to do with our lifestyle. The number one step is prevention of chronic diseases, which are causing so much pain and stress to us. We also have to be aware, if our healthecare really is doing the best for us in case, we are in need to use it.
  • The campaign for truth in medicine is here to show us, that we have more options, when searching for help and that we can understand, who is offering what. There are still too many untrue or misleading informations and we simply have the right to know the truth and make our decisions based on that.